In Retrospect

Stop. Think. Repeat.

“Her heart was a secret garden and the walls very high”. William Goldman

Life is busy but that’s just life. Sometimes you have to take three steps back and just appreciate the one you have. You don’t need a yoga retreat in India to do get some retrospect over your current situation.

I personally love to wander around the city streets with a skinny cappuccino and just forget about everything that’s going on in my life. Other times going to the gym or staying in bed with a new book or fashion magazine does the trick. And if all else fail… cheesecake! (another guilty pleasure)

So Today – Get out there, find your ‘sanctuary’ and never ever get so caught up in life that you forget to live.

Always, Anne



Annette 12 June Look 4 (5 of 8)

Annette 12 June Look 4 (3 of 8)

Annette 12 June Look 4 (4 of 8)
Annette 12 June Look 4 (8 of 8)

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PHOTOS: Michelle Lategan Photography

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MAKE UP: La’eeqa Yunus (Celebrity MUA/MUA lecturer)

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