My type of bucket list

You know all those things you’ve wanted to do, you should go do them!

You know all those “if only” conversations you have with yourself – If only I could run a 10km race or if only I could get a better job… if only you would do something about it! Life is way too short to not live in the moment and turn all your can’ts into cans.

At University my goal was to work for a glossy magazine – end of discussion. And marry Chuck Bass. Yes, I was twenty-one and highly aware of the fact that he was a fictional character, but I’ve always (still?) thought I would make the perfect Blair Waldorf living in the Upper East Side. I even dated a guy once that looked like Chuck Bass only because he looked like Chuck Bass, but that’s a blog post for another day. Fetish much?

Anyway, I met my husband and I ‘chucked’ my obsession with Mr Bass right out of the front door.

(Okay, let’s get back to the point)

Number one on my dream bucket list is sitting front row at Paris Fashion Week with my black Chanel 2.55 handbag between Blake Lively and Alexa Chung. I’ve always pictured myself chatting to Anna Wintour, but I think know I will break out in the world’s biggest sweat and collapse out of starstruck on her limited edition of Louboutins.

I also have my short term bucket list which consists of smaller and short-term goals like running my second half marathon next month, spend more time on my blog, plan a trip to Europe with my husband and show any (ANY!) sign of a six pack.

Putting together to-do lists and goals for yourself are fun and inspiring. Everything don’t need to be realistic. The fact that I also want to be a pop star in Japan in my next life doesn’t make me weird… or does it!?


Always, Anne


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PHOTOS: Michelle Lategan Photography

CLOTHING: Top, Zara | Bag, Daniel Hechter @ Truworths | Earcuff, Woolworths

MAKE UP: La’eeqa Yunus (Celebrity MUA/MUA lecturer)

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