The not-so-much perks of being a Fashion Editor

Always Anne fashion blogger

“If you can handle failure, you can handle success!”

I hate it when people say I have the “BEST” job in the world with ”the most amazing perks” and my favourite: “All you do for a living is showing up at fancy events!”

Like, seriously dude?

There’s this saying that the media industry is the toughest one to be in and oh boy, were they right! So, you want my job? Okay, be my guest.

It took me 11 months to find my first internship while I was working as an Au Pair. My 5-day internship turned into two weeks turned into two months… and now it’s 5 years later.

I’ve heard the worst insults you can imagine including remarks about my weight, the way I dress and even my personality. I’ve been bullied, verbally harassed, worked overtime until after midnight and covered numerous events starting at 2AM. I’ve had salary cuts, sat in HR meetings because of false accusations, had to quit my job recently because of people with, let’s just say, really really bad personalities… all while sitting in traffic and attending events after a full day of intense deadlines at work. When you eventually get to the event, you can barely keep your eyes open and oh no, we don’t just have the cake and eat it – events are all about networking and finding new business opportunities for your brand while all eyes on you, because you’re ‘that girl’ from ‘that company’ with ‘that respectable reputation’.

If I had to tell you the situations I have been through (and survived!) you probably won’t even believe me.. and I don’t blame you. Because all that people see are the glitz and the glam, the Instagram posts at events and occasional freebies which in fact just makes up for our little salaries.


If you ask me if I would do choose this career again if I had a choice, I would say yes without a blink.

I am madly in love with my profession. I’ve dreamt of having a career in the media and fashion industry before I even started primary school.

You can burn my soul, but you can’t bliss my passion.

I am starting 2017 in a new career with endless opportunities and already my new team feel like family. Will there be drama? Probably. Do I care? Probably not.

If you are also in the industry, just hang in there. Grow a tough skin and always stay true to yourself and your values.

5 years ago my first Magazine Editor told me the secret to success is to work and hard and be nice and since then it became my motto in life.

High five to all my fellow fashionistas in the industry for being fearless females – I salute you and have a sh*t load respect for every single one of you… except if you are a bully, stay far far away.

I’m so excited about what lies ahead for 2017, because the past is in the past and things can only get better from here on.

Always, Anne







One thought on “The not-so-much perks of being a Fashion Editor

  1. Great post! I’m going into broadcast journalism, which I know is different, but I love the advice and know it will apply!


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