Fashion Editor diary – what my day looks like

If you love what you do, you’ll never work again in your life.

I get asked a lot what a typical day in my life looks like. To be honest, I have no idea! Every day is different depending on if I have a shoot planned, if I have to sit the whole day and write copy, if I have to plan the next feature, maybe a beauty launch or if I’m running around with a ponytail sourcing clothing like a marathon athlete who missed the bus.

But that’s what I love about my job. You never know what’s going to happen next.

Here’s a quick glimpse into yesterday’s diary:

(WARNING – this might come across as extremely boring)

07h00 Wake up with coffee in bed thanks to Instagram Husband

7h15 Respond to work emails and send the latest fashion shoots PDF’s to the PR-brands. PR companies always ask for the PDF’s to show their clients (aka the brands we used in shoots).

7h50 Go for a quick 5 km run

9h00 Go to one of my favourite coffee shops (we don’t have the luxury of wifi at home) to finish two important fashion deadlines. I also receive new beauty copy to proofread so they can send it of to print while writing a post for my personal blog.

10h30 I’m off to the mall to do fashion returns from last week’s Friday magazine cover shoot. Luckily I did a lot of  returns on Sunday evening already (yip, work never stops) so it goes quick. Receive a call that the magazine wants to shoot our Winter Hair Issue cover. Today. TODAY? Yip, I’ve heard right.

Annette de Wet Fashion Editor Always Anne Blog (4)

11h30 Phone make up agencies, hair brands and potential models like a crazy person to put together a cover shoot in two hours. I’m getting hungry… I’m moody #NOTGOOD

12h10 Grab a LOW GI popcorn and Coke Light on my way to another shopping mall to be in time for shooting two hair makeover features

12h35 Arrive 5 minutes late at the  beauty salon to meet the two models. Both are extremely gorgeous with beautiful natural curls. The salon packe out chocolate cookies just for us – how will I be able to resist? I love chocolate cookies.

12h50 We go through the  brief with the hair stylist while the photographer takes the before shots of the two models. I pray we can pull of this extra cover shoot waiting. Thank goodness we found a model on Facebook and she can be here in the next hour.

13h00 The hair makeovers are about to start. The one model is going bronde like Ciara and the other is getting a moisturising treatment. I have to make notes of the entire process and also squeeze in an interview with one of the stylists afterwards.



always anne fashion shoot

13h30 I quickly go next door at Inglot to meet our hair cover model and she’s beautiful! We go through to the make up brief at Inglot Studio and I know she’s in good hands.

13h45 The photographer and I go location scouting for the cover. There wasn’t time to get permission from the mall, so we’re trying to dodge security. #BADASS

14h00 On the way back to the salon we stop for a quick bite at Subway, but I can’t enjoy the meal, because I keep getting work related calls and have to respond urgent emails.

14h15 Back at the salon and I take more notes before we head off to do the cover shoot.

14h45 The photos are incredible! The model knows what she’s doing and her girlfriend also came to support her. Both of them are Tony, so it’s quite special that I got to meet Tony and Tony.

15h30 I’m beyond excited about the cover photos and we head back to the salon to finish the makeovers. On my way I stop to buy a cold drink and spot my latest magazine cover on the shelves. The feeling is priceless!

17h15 We’re done and I’m very happy with the results. We take the final ‘after photos’ and we have two very happy hair goddesses… yay! There’s nothing more satisfying in my career to know that your model/ client is happy with your work.



17h30 I go to the Woolworths Cafe to finish more work deadlines and start looking for product stills for a fashion DPS (double page spread).

19h00 Instagram husband meets me at the coffee shop with my mom (she came to visit) and tells me it’s time to log off. I’m tired so I listen.

20h00 Finally I get home and have a quick coffee before starting to plan my upcoming fashion editorial. I write all my sourcing letters (you have to get permission before taking clothes from stores) because I want to send it out first thing tomorrow morning.

22h30 It’s bed time and I have my latest Vogue magazines next to my bedside to get inspired for the next shoot… and the next one… and the next one.


Always, Anne



Cream Sweater R699.00 | Dusty pink hat R299.00 | Sneakers R350.00 | Jeggings R350

LOCATION: Strolla, Sea Point


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