Meraki Aesthetics – comfort in the city


A massage can work magic for your body and your soul and at Meraki Aesthetics, you will understand why.

This new modern and city chic salon is based in the upmarket Battery Park, close to the V&A Waterfront. Once you’ve parked your car, you’re surrounded with niche shops and luxury views of the Mother City from where you make your way to Meraki Aesthetics.
I picture myself on a weekend grabbing brunch with the girls indulging in a mani and pedi afterwards at Meraki Aestethics ending up talking a mandatory spa selfie with the modern green interior design in the background.
Meraki is the beautiful end product of two #bossbabes with a holistic wellness approach. Leigh and Nadine maintain a high-level of hygiene and beauty standards by implementing the following eco-friendly aprroaches:
* Serving water in glass with a strictly no plastic bottle policy.
* Email/ SMS facility to avoid unnecessary printing.
* Separating all waste generated in house for recycling.

Meraki Aesthetics  is a salon with a difference, not only offering clients a modern and private space to disconnect, relax and rejuvenate but also focusing on providing a green practice.”

I opted for a 60 minute Hot Stone Therapy Massage (R690) however Meraki Aesthetics offers a wide range of treatments including massages, facials. microblading, waxing and more.
Hot Stone Massages are highly recommended for muscle pain release, reducing your stress levels and for an overall improved circulation – just check with your doctor first if you are pregnant or suffering from any illness.
My therapist made me feel at ease and started the session by applying calming oil over my body. The heat of the stones instant relaxed all my muscles. My ‘medium pressure’ massage felt a bit intense at one stage that I asked my spa therapist to please lighten the pressure. It’s super important to tell you therapist at any point if you are experience any discomfort. Luckily for me, I had an amazing therapist who took great care of giving me the best experience.
(I slept like a baby and woke up the next morning ready to run a 10km race!)
meraki spa cape town annette de wet
Besides all their massage options to choose from, Meraki Aesthetics is also extremely generous with their gelish pricing and comes highly recommended from a few influencers who attended the official launch event.
meraki spa cape town affordable nails gel
You can book your appointment online on Meraki’s website or phone them directly at 071 564 4808. Thank you Meraki for having me – see you soon for my next treatment.

Always, Anne


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