Sofa Company launch Homeware (and I love it)

sofa company cape town home decor

Time to ‘dress up’ your home in the latest style trends

Good news for all interior lovers – Sofa Company South Africa launched a range of Danish inspired homeware across 9 categories and I was fortunate to attend the official media launch. 

(Do yourself a favour and pay a visit to their showroom in Buitengracht Street. You will walk away with interior inspo for days. Rephrase: for months.)

Their new categories include:

  • Artwork
  • Basketware
  • Candles & Holders
  • Scatter Cushions
  • Throws
  • Lighting
  • Mirrors
  • Rugs
  • Vases
  • Glassware

The range is curated into stories; Quintessential, Contemporary and Refined and feature light Oak wood and natural fibres. What I love the most though is the colour selection. Think  neutral tones of white and grey overlaid with pops of vibrant summer colours in blues, greens, pinks and yellows.

I work full time and  also attend social events after hours while squeezing in my fitness workout, so basically I’m always in need of extra baskets around the house to put my clothing away or to ‘stylishly hide away’ my throws and blankets after Netflix & Chill evenings. Instead of putting it away in a closet, it can actually make for a beautiful focal point in a living or bedroom space. Sofa Company has the BEST basketware (starting from R399.00) in all the shapes and trendy sizes imaginable and I highly recommend taking a look.

When it comes to cushions, I believe that more is more! The scutter cushions range retails at around R399.00 and will definitely wow your guests at your next dinner party. I am also a big believer of statement rugs for adding that homey feel to any living space and Sofa Company has a wide variety to suit all style personalities.

sofa company cape town home decor


sofa company cape town home decor sofa company cape town home decor

sofa company cape town home decor

sofa company cape town home decor

The range is priced competitively, yes 30 something Martha that includes you too, without any compromises on the Danish levels of quality, form and function. Okay, don’t even get me started about their furniture.

Always, Anne


*Available in-store and online.

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