Put on you ‘big girl’ shorts

Hold your horsey!

There’s two things in life I’m really scared of – horses and wearing short shorts! Okay, three if you count the fact that I can’t light a fire match to save my life…

YOLO (you only live once) has been my motto for the whole 0f 2016 and I’ve done some crazy things like running a half marathon, moving to the city, starting my own blog, taking up adult “absolute beginners” ballet just to name a few.

Still, nothing freaks me out more than putting my lady thighs in summer’s worst trend ever for curvy girls – short shorts! I’m also really scared to be around horses, so why not plan a styled shoot overcoming both fears? #WINNING 

I booked a trainer for an hour and at first I stood a few metres away, but he gave me pills to feed the horses with and within in a few minutes I actually started to enjoy the whole new scenario.

I got to meet the cutest little horse (with some mental issues I have to add) named Prince who is the most photogenic horse I’ve ever met and we took some great photos together.

If you notice that I’m just giving a small grin, that’s because I was scared AF.

After the shoot I just wanted to buy a horse but then Instagram Husband reminded met that we don’t have space for a horse in our one-bedroom-apartment… But I did go out and bought some fabulous pair of short shorts for summer.

Because hips and all, I’ll going to have the best summer ever.


Yes, that’s a thing.

Always, Anne



OUTFIT: Edgars Fashion

PHOTOGRAPHER: Colleen Bruintjies

LOCATION: Hout Bay, Cape Town

My first #SecretBox29 from Retail Box

Okay, so everybody who is anybody knows that I’m super obsessed with my hair.

I’m that girl in the grocery aisle quickly checking if my perfect bangs are still, well, perfect.

Retail Hair sent me their Secret Box 29 and I was so excited, because I always hear my fellow fashionistas talking about the secret boxes. When my box arrived, my editor at work got even more excited because she has used these products before while staying in London.

I received a KMS hair hamper including Moist Repair Therapy Treatment (the best!), Tame Frizz Taming Creme, Silk Sheen Styling Creme and their 300ml Hiar Stay Maximum Hold Stay. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed that I did net get the shampoo and conditioner to experience the full range.


MOIST REPAIR: Penetrates deeply to reconstruct damaged hair. Strengthens and moisturizes hair after just one use. Just leave in for 3-5 minutes and say hola to healthy summer hair.
moist repair.png
TAME FRIZZ: I live in Bantry Bay about two blocks away from the beach and the frizz situation is real! This product adds definition and style manageability , humidity resistance and provides heat protection. Bonus tip: add to dry hair for extra definition and control.
SILK SHEEN: I prefer the Tamie Frizz, because KMS use an invisible formula with no product feel. It’s also helps for all-day frizz control and double up as a heat protector.
HAIR STAY: This on fleek hairspray dries instantly and will never leave your hair feeling sticky and tacky. Ever! The KMS California Hairstay Maximum Hold Spray in blended with pomegranate and pepper also contains UV filter to protect your hair.
Visit retailbox.co.za for more information.