Chic jewellery for a girl on a budget

Let’s be real, ladies – stylish and statement jewellery is often in either one of two camps: high-end luxury jewellery made from exquisite gemstones and fine metals, or cheaper costume jewellery made from all manner of materials.

Basically too expensive or too cheap. #thestruggleisreal

Finding something in that sweet middle spot that is affordable yet durable and made from quality materials can be tricky.

Until now.

Introducing James Jewellery.

The brand was born in December 2021 by Ika van Wyk in response to customer feedback, having already owned a jewellery business specialising in moissanite fine jewellery since 2020.

Customers want jewellery that is affordable, durable, long-wearing and beautiful with pieces that can easily be worn 24/7 at home or out and about. It’s also the perfect accessory for a busy new mom like myself.

James Jewellery proudly brings together both practicality and quality in their carefully curated lines of everyday jewellery. All pieces are made from extremely durable base metals (titanium and stainless steel) which are scratch and tarnish resistant and hypoallergenic.

Select pieces are plated in real gold using the latest plating technology for exceptional colour, shine and performance.

They also stock a limited range of sterling silver-based fine jewellery including tennis necklaces, opal earrings and more.

All pieces are couriered within 1-3 business days in a beautiful custom Dustproof Suspension Box to keep items safe during shipping and storing.

Follow them on Instagram: @jamespremiumjewellery

Always, Anne xx

Book your Beauty & Wellness VR Market spot


Be part of the cool kids and book your spot at LMDA’s first Virtual Reality market in Africa!

Yip, the first event like this ever on our continent.

So, you might think ‘ummm okay, Annette, I have literally no idea what your’e talking about!’

Let’s break it down!

On Saturday 3rd October, La Maison Des Arts (LMDA) will be hosting Africa’s first ever Virtual Reality Market. This is in collaboration with Skin Renewal and myUTOPIA, one of SA’s leading Wellness studios with speakers in wellness, fitness and beauty. Guests can expect a fully immersive premium event with interaction from fellow exhibitors, brands and speakers. They will also experience first hand some of the most  innovative tech yet to be experienced in Africa, during a 130 pax event. 

The event will be attended by 130 consumers allowing them the opportunity to shop from a range of 20 premium South African Wellness & Beauty brands, socialise with friends and meet new people. Consumers will be able to attend talks and interactive brand experiences by experts across the Wellness industry.

The VR Market is the first of its kind in Africa and LMDA is proud to be connecting people, while making real life shopping and social experiences a possibility from their homes, all via the usage of Virtual Reality.


As part of their ticket purchase, consumers will receive a Virtual Reality headset to keep, a R400 voucher to spend at retailers of their choice as well as a gift bag consisting of an incredible range of Wellness & Beauty products.  Ticket prices are R750 for general access and VIP tickets are R950 and can be bought online here

The Virtual Reality Market boasts an all-star line-up of SA’s best Wellness experts who will be discussing hot topics around beauty and wellness for the South African consumer. 

  1. Sandi Dekker – Founder of myUTOPIA & Wellness expert (myUTOPIA is SA’s World Class 5* Wellness Studio) – who will be talking about “The value of goal setting in living your best life”.
  2. Candice Boddington – One of SA’s favourite Nutrition experts will be “Debunking nutrition myths and how to shop smart and local in 2020.”
  3. Amy Hoppy – much loved Managing Editor of Women’s Health SA – will be discussing “Guided breathwork, meditation and restorative class for holistic wellness”

Amy Hoppy… love this woman!

4. Skin Renewal Training Director – The Renewal Institute was founded in 2005 by Dr. Maureen Allem, and consists of Skin, Body, Health, Brain and Sleep Renewal. The company practices a holistic approach to anti-ageing and aesthetic treatments, and patients are encouraged to optimise their health and wellbeing whilst looking and feeling their best too.

Don’t suffer from fomo and get your ticket today!

Always, Anne



Maskne – the side effects of wearing your mask


Fabric masks are part of our ‘new normal’ and the impact wearing these masks have on our skin are not always pretty. Welcome Maskne! 

Face masks are not going to disappear soon, we should try and understand the cause(s) of maskne and find solutions to keep our skincare on point. 

Acne starts when the oil glands that are present in the skin become blocked. The accumulated gland contents become contaminated with bacteria causing infection which then spreads to the oil glands resulting in acne. 

(C) Pinterest | Katie May

How fabric face masks affect your skin 

Bacteria love a warm and moist environment, here they multiply exponentially.

The conditions that are brought on by wearing a mask for long periods of time are ideal for creating a warm environment. Anyone that wears glasses will know how annoying the fogging up of your glasses is when you wear a mask. Exhaled air, trapped by the mask, is warm and moist and creates an ideal environment for the proliferation of bacteria. Therefore, partially or blocked oil glands that may be present in the skin, now stand a far greater chance of becoming infected. 

Inflammation is the enemy! The skin care world is waking up to this; in order to control inflammation and ageing and the skin diseases associated with inflammaging such as acne, we need to use less chemicals on the skin. The new approach to skin care where fewer products are used is called Skip-care skincare. 

How can we prevent maskne or what are the most effective ways of treating it? Thoclor Labs, leaders in using hypochlorous acid (our own body’s Immune Molecule) as a main ingredient in all their products, shares their tips on fighting Maskne

  1. Use a soap-free cleanser to clean your skin thoroughly twice per day, for example Lulu & Marula’s Balancing Cleansing Balm.

R 340.00 ZAR

  1. After you have dried your skin, spray Thoclor Labs GF2 Skin Rejuvenation onto the whole face and allow it to dry naturally. GF2 Skin Rejuvenation contains hypochlorous acid, a natural substance with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. 

GF2 Skin Rejuvenation
R799.25 — available on subscription

  1. Regularly spray your mask inside and out with GF2. This will kill bacteria and viruses that may have accumulated on the mask.
  2. Be cautious of wearing too much make-up and other skincare products under your face mask. This may only contribute to the blocking of your oil glands and heavy make-up may even become a growth medium for bacteria under hot and humid conditions, which exist inside your face mask. 

Pro tip – invest in a few masks so you can rotate them as needed… and it looks cute with your outfits, of course.

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Always, Anne


7 dinge wat my irriteer van my man tydens lockdown

Annette de wet influencer

Dames, sê my wat SY naam is. Jy weet, daai oulike skepsel wat saam met jou in isolasie sit wat jy soms, net soms, met die koekroller wil slaan oor die kop. O, wag, ons is millennials so jy sal hom seker wil slaan met jou Nutribullet.

Hoe lief ek ook al vir my man is, hier is 7 dinge wat hy doen wat my irriteer tydens die inperking. Die woord ‘inperking’ irriteer my ook.

1 Ek moet elke dag, heel dag, sit en  kyk hoe hy eet wat hy wil.

Weet julle hoe bly was die sadis in my toe Woolies nie meer pasteie mag verkoop nie… hy snack mos 2 pepper steak pasteie voor ete. My ma het een keer genoem dat hy dalk wurms het terug in 2013. Hy het haar nog nooit vergewe oor die aanmerking nie. Wel, ek dink daai wurms het al kleinkinders gekry daar binne…

2 Hy oefen nie, maar het meer spiere as ek.

Ek is op ‘n oefen masjien rol, want vir twee jaar het ek gesukkel om my energie terug te kry na ‘n baie lelike burnout…. dalk doen ek nog ‘n blog post daaroor, maar dis lelik, so ek weet nie.


So doen ek Kayla Itsiness se BBG program drie keer ‘n week, hardloop 5km in my sitkamer op Saterdae en doen my aanlyn ballet klas. Hy. Hy doen ‘n paar pushups op die trap en kom nooit verder as 3km in die sitkamer nie, maar pronk van die spiere. Hy het ook ‘n 6-pack. En V-lines wat se lyne meer perfek getrek is as ‘n laerskool juffrou se handskrif.

Intussen soos ek rond draf van my rusbank tot die eetkamertafel skaaf ek my bobene bloedrooi, want ek het nie ‘n thigh gap nie. My thigh gap sit tussen my voortande en dis okay.


3 Hy raas met my as die groente verval

Kyk, ek eet gesond en ek gaan nie elke dag winkel toe loop vir ‘n appel en ‘n ‘ui’ nie, so van tyd tot tyd gaan klein bietjie van die goed af gaan in ons yskas. Hy kan dit nie verstaan nie.

Ek het wel ‘n geheim ontdek… sodra die spinasie se einde nader kom, gooi ek dit in ‘n pot. Dan hoef ek letterlik net een teelepel te eet wanneer dit gaar word, want dis al wat oorbly.

4 Hy wil nie tien uur bed toe gaan nie.

Ek is ‘n oggend mens. Hy is ‘n aand mens en nou met lockdown wat alles bietjie mal is, is vreemde slaappatrone seker normaal. Plus ons is dan by die huis, so waarvoor moet ons reëls hê – sê hy. Ek verskil.

5 Sy TikTok videos doen beter as myne.

Ek het ‘n TikTok account begin en gedink ‘okay, dalk is ek nie te oud vir hierdie nie’ en ek was selfs beïndruk met die bietjie views wat my videos reeds gekry het. Hier kom hy (laat ons liewer nie sy ouderdom weggee nie) en kry dubbel die hoeveelheid views met sy eerste video.

6 Die Xbox verslawing is real.

Ek het nie ‘n probleem dat hy homself besig hou nie, maar die Xbox is gekonnekteer aan ons TV.

Ek is mos verbied om die Kardashians te kyk in ons huis, so nou gebruik ek maar hierdie tyd om dit skelm op my foon te kyk. So, dis eintlik ‘n wen-wen.

7 Ons baklei oor die verwamer.

Ek kry koud. En my hond kry ook koud. Hy dink ons is ekstra (okay, ons is seker) en gaan aan oor die prys van koopkrag en en en. Dis winter, baby, toe nou.

Laastens irriteer dit my dat hy nog steeds perfek is aan die einde van die dag. Laat ek maar die Nutribullet gaan bêre weer…

Laat weet my in die kommentaar wat jou irriteer van jou ander òf beter helfte en volg my asb op Instagram:

Always, Anne





Ssslangvel is weer in ssstyl

Sannie sê Sannie sal sewe sakke sout dra… as die sak van slangvel gemaak is, natuurlik!

(Disclaimer: ek het ‘n lekker lisp aan my, so dit was nogals ‘n ssstorie toe ek hierdie blog eers hardop lees vir Instagram Husband.)

Die swart mamba, Suid Afrka se langste slang is so hoog soos twee Eben Etzebeth’s bo-opmekaar – ‘n hele 4.5 meter. Dus dra ek liefs die faux weergawe om my lyf as die reptiel. Britney Spears kon dit dalk regkry, maar ek beslis nie. Goed, tyd om ernstig te raak.


Slangvel is beter as tiervel. Hoekom? Kom ek vertel jou!

Die slangvel-motief is neutraal en werk goed by enige kleurskema veral bruin, room, roosgoud en spierwit. Die rokkie wat ek aanhet is beskikbaar by Nicci Boutique.

Dit steek bra-vet en gister se pizza weg, want die interessante patroon kamoefleer enige areas wat jy wil vermy.

Slangvel op slangvel lyk nie soos ‘n overall nie, maar net OVERALL fantasties!


Slangvel motief lyk goed op enige iemand se Instagram-feed, want dis ‘n mengsel van diè in-kleure op die oomblik. Wie wil betaal vir ‘n Lightroom preset as die patroon op jou broek dieselfde effek het?

Dit werk by enige persoonlikheid – tot by die slang in die kantoor van wie jy niks hou nie.

Dit laat jou so sjiek soos nog iets lyk. Dra dit saam met herfs se ‘mode uniform’ wat bestaan uit ‘n oorgrootte trui, t-hemp wat net-net uitsteek, stewels en midi-romp soos hier gesien by Zara.


Leer en slangvel saam is soos Bonang en Gert-Johan Coetzee in een vertek – magic!!

As die skoen jou pas, trek hom aan! Een van my gunsteling voordele van slangvel dra, is die feit dat dit by enige skoen pas – van sneaker tot combat boot! Die einddoel is natuurlik om Steve Madden slangvel stewels te koop wat tot bo in jou binneboud kom.


As jy bang is, begin klein! Ek het ‘n serpie by H&M gekoop em om my neutrale handsakke gebind. Toe ‘n t-hemp… toe ‘n rokkie! Nou wil ek sommer tiervel en slang-motief meng en so opdaag by modeweek. Lewe is te kort om nie soms te pik en ekstra te wees nie.

Ter nagedagte… wat is beter as een slang in die gras? Twee!

Ek en my een vriendin, Adéle, het perongeluk dieselfde idee gehad en in plaas daarvan dat die gif uitgekom het, het ons ons naweek-lyfies uitgehaal. #tydvirngrootpartytjie


Volg my assblief op Instagram by @annette_dewet. Okay dan, totsiens, ek gaan nou ‘n bietjie hiberneer.

Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at 16.42.03

Always, Anne


FOTOGRAFIE: @ashswartz_photogrpahy

20 dinge wat getroudes jou nie sê nie

Ek is hierdie jaar vyf jaar getroud. Dis hopeloos te lank as jy dink dat my langste verhouding voor ‘Instagram Husband’ maar vier maande was.

Maar ek kla nie, die getroude lewe is soos ‘n kult – die ring is jou lidmaatskap. Vir een of ander rede dink mense ook ek en Willie is ‘n power couple. Nou tensy dit iets met loadshedding te doen het, is ons so normaal soos koffie met twee suikers.

Ek voel wel dis my plig om met julle die volgende kult kaskenades te deel.

Maar voor ek verder gaan – ons klere is van Old Khaki. Om stylvol te lyk terwyl jy gemaklik voel, is alles. Hierdie mooi jumpsuit nommertjie kos jou R650 in winkels.

Hier is 20 dinge wat getroudes jou nie sê nie.

(disclaimer: gebaseer op die de Wet en de Wet huishouding)

1 Jy baklei nie regtig oor die remote nie.

2 Sy klere word jou klere. Daar is niks wat snoesiger slaap soos ‘n hemp wat pas soos ‘n een-man-tent nie. Goed vir die gemak… en die selfbeeld.

3 Die een dink altyd die ander een help minder in die huis. Ek het aanvaar hierdie is een wat jy nie gaan wen nie.

4 Cuddles op die bank is nie meer so lekker nie. Soos wat jy ouer word, begin jy rug probleme en rustelose bene kry en dan soek jy s-p-a-s-i-e.

5 Mens raak nie gewoond aan ‘morning breath’ nie, jy raak net slimmer. Een sluk koffie doen gewoonlik die ding.

6 Jy maak vrede dat hy jou salon sjampoe gebruik soos R30.00 winkel bottels wat op afslag was.

7 Jy word kwaad as die hond meer van hom hou. Hoekom lê sy nie oor my bene nie? Ek is seker sy het hoër gespring toe sy hom sien na werk. Hmmm…

8 Mens kry nie meer ‘n grilling as jy na die tyd besef ‘o, dit was eintlik sy tandeborsel’ nie.

9 Die blomme word minder, maar die grappe word meer. Soms neem ons videos om vir ander mense te wys hoe snaaks ons is, maar dan gee hulle daardie verpligte rinnike. Solank die ander een lag, bly klou ons aan die stand up comedy droom.

10 Jy word aangevat omdat jy nog nie ‘n begrafnis polis het nie. Jis, was ek boos. Hoekom wil hy nie vir my begrafnis betaal nie?Of erger, wat laat jou dink ek het een nou al nodig?

11 Hy wil nie meer jou Instagram foto’s neem nie, maar jy moet hom help met sy Twitter oor gistraand se 7de Laan. As jy ooit vervelig is met data wat nie wil opraak nie, soek vir Dik Willie op Twitter. Hy staan 57 followers sterk. Ek vat hom uit as hy 100 maak.

12 Julle begin van dieselfde TV-reekse hou. Hy was so kwaad vir Chuck Bass se pa toe hy die besigheid terugvat in Gossip Girl terwyl ek gehuil het toe Terminator dood gaan. Kom Arnie, probeer probeer!

13 As ‘n vriend/in jou kwaad aandoen, is die ander een reg vir wêreld-oorlog.

14 Dit raak normaal dat hy jou maandelikse ‘voorraad’ optel by die apteek en jou bel voor almal om te vra ”light of heavy flow?” Jip, ek het dit gesê en ek own dit.

15 Mens trek gereeld perongeluk dieselfde aan na sosiale geleenthede en ander mense kom dit gewoonlik agter voor julle doen!

16 Jy het iemand om al jou lelikste selfies voor te stuur en mees grusame stories van die dag te vertel. Niks is buite perke nie. Perongeluk ‘n trippel-ken foto geneem? Stuur dadelik aan vir manlief.

17 Jy wil hom iets aan doen, dalk so vier keer ‘n week. Dis normaal! Dit waai vinnig oor.

18 Wie koffie maak, is belangriker as om te vra wat vir aandete is. Moenie daar gaan nie! As hy nie maak nie, bly stil en aanvaar dis jou beurt.

19 Julle oordeel ander mense se babas en aanvaar dat julle eie baba net die beste skepsel ooit gaan wees. Wel goeie môre my sonskyn, die baba deel immers julle twee se gene. #windgat #eintlikmeergataswind

20 Dit raak nooit vervelig nie, dit raak net beter! Daar is niks so lekker soos om getroud te wees nie. As jy in ‘n suur huwelik is… gooi sout daarop en drink hom soos ‘n goedkoop tequila.

Oraait julle, dis dit. Volg my op Instagram by annette_dewet en laat weet my watter stories julle meer van wil Sien.

Always, Anne


Klere: Old Khaki

Fotograaf: Ash Swartz Photography

UPDATE: AFI Fashion Week

afi cape town fashion week

AFI Fashion Week is just over a month away and I can not wait to get dolled up, show up and see what’s up with the latest local fashion trends fresh of the runway.

Adding to the build up, African Fashion International (AFI) has acquired an online marketplace for art, Wezart which fits perfect with their mission to promote and celebrate African creatives showcasing their work on global stages. #localislekker



This is part of the bigger picture for AFI to become a Digital hub for Africa’s creative industry, with interconnectivity between Fashion, Art and Music.

Started in 2016, Wezart aims to assist artists in Africa to sell their artwork online by creating a virtual gallery, make online sales and track their monthly sales!

The artwork from the online marketplace will be exhibited during AFI Fashion Week in Cape Town, giving exposure to the artists and an opportunity to make sales.

“I will continue working with AFI to reintroduce to a bigger market and help artists in Africa grow,” says former Managing Director, Sihle Majola.

AFI will formally introduce during AFI Fashion Week in Cape Town on Wednesday, 11th of March 2020 through an auction that will be hosted at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

AFI Fashion Week will take place from the 12 – 14 of March 2020

cape town fashion week 2020 afi

Always, Anne


Sofa Company launch Homeware (and I love it)

sofa company cape town home decor

Time to ‘dress up’ your home in the latest style trends

Good news for all interior lovers – Sofa Company South Africa launched a range of Danish inspired homeware across 9 categories and I was fortunate to attend the official media launch. 

(Do yourself a favour and pay a visit to their showroom in Buitengracht Street. You will walk away with interior inspo for days. Rephrase: for months.)

Their new categories include:

  • Artwork
  • Basketware
  • Candles & Holders
  • Scatter Cushions
  • Throws
  • Lighting
  • Mirrors
  • Rugs
  • Vases
  • Glassware

The range is curated into stories; Quintessential, Contemporary and Refined and feature light Oak wood and natural fibres. What I love the most though is the colour selection. Think  neutral tones of white and grey overlaid with pops of vibrant summer colours in blues, greens, pinks and yellows.

I work full time and  also attend social events after hours while squeezing in my fitness workout, so basically I’m always in need of extra baskets around the house to put my clothing away or to ‘stylishly hide away’ my throws and blankets after Netflix & Chill evenings. Instead of putting it away in a closet, it can actually make for a beautiful focal point in a living or bedroom space. Sofa Company has the BEST basketware (starting from R399.00) in all the shapes and trendy sizes imaginable and I highly recommend taking a look.

When it comes to cushions, I believe that more is more! The scutter cushions range retails at around R399.00 and will definitely wow your guests at your next dinner party. I am also a big believer of statement rugs for adding that homey feel to any living space and Sofa Company has a wide variety to suit all style personalities.

sofa company cape town home decor


sofa company cape town home decor sofa company cape town home decor

sofa company cape town home decor

sofa company cape town home decor

The range is priced competitively, yes 30 something Martha that includes you too, without any compromises on the Danish levels of quality, form and function. Okay, don’t even get me started about their furniture.

Always, Anne


*Available in-store and online.