Maskne – the side effects of wearing your mask


Fabric masks are part of our ‘new normal’ and the impact wearing these masks have on our skin are not always pretty. Welcome Maskne! 

Face masks are not going to disappear soon, we should try and understand the cause(s) of maskne and find solutions to keep our skincare on point. 

Acne starts when the oil glands that are present in the skin become blocked. The accumulated gland contents become contaminated with bacteria causing infection which then spreads to the oil glands resulting in acne. 

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How fabric face masks affect your skin 

Bacteria love a warm and moist environment, here they multiply exponentially.

The conditions that are brought on by wearing a mask for long periods of time are ideal for creating a warm environment. Anyone that wears glasses will know how annoying the fogging up of your glasses is when you wear a mask. Exhaled air, trapped by the mask, is warm and moist and creates an ideal environment for the proliferation of bacteria. Therefore, partially or blocked oil glands that may be present in the skin, now stand a far greater chance of becoming infected. 

Inflammation is the enemy! The skin care world is waking up to this; in order to control inflammation and ageing and the skin diseases associated with inflammaging such as acne, we need to use less chemicals on the skin. The new approach to skin care where fewer products are used is called Skip-care skincare. 

How can we prevent maskne or what are the most effective ways of treating it? Thoclor Labs, leaders in using hypochlorous acid (our own body’s Immune Molecule) as a main ingredient in all their products, shares their tips on fighting Maskne

  1. Use a soap-free cleanser to clean your skin thoroughly twice per day, for example Lulu & Marula’s Balancing Cleansing Balm.
R 340.00 ZAR
  1. After you have dried your skin, spray Thoclor Labs GF2 Skin Rejuvenation onto the whole face and allow it to dry naturally. GF2 Skin Rejuvenation contains hypochlorous acid, a natural substance with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. 
GF2 Skin Rejuvenation
R799.25 — available on subscription
  1. Regularly spray your mask inside and out with GF2. This will kill bacteria and viruses that may have accumulated on the mask.
  2. Be cautious of wearing too much make-up and other skincare products under your face mask. This may only contribute to the blocking of your oil glands and heavy make-up may even become a growth medium for bacteria under hot and humid conditions, which exist inside your face mask. 

Pro tip – invest in a few masks so you can rotate them as needed… and it looks cute with your outfits, of course.

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#BeautyDesk Payot Techni Blu Liss Range

payot blue techni liss always anne blog annette de wet


Who else is guilty of spending too much time scrolling through their Instagram feeds before bedtime?

Did you know that constant exposure to screens, not enough sleep and lack of natural light’s really bad for you in so many ways? Our millennial lifestyle can turn our biorhythms upside down and where does it show first – you guessed correct, on our face! Think early wrinkles, dull complexion and super dry skin. #FilterNeeded

annette de wet payot always anne

I was introduced to PAYOT‘s new chrono-active smoothing range at their latest media launch, BLU TECHNI LISS.

With their head quarters based in Paris, it is no surprise what the Payot brand is synonym with ultimate luxury. With their iconic female shaped jars combiner with science and herbal expertise, it’s worth investing in yourself and your ski.

payot beauty always Anne blog Annette de wet

The iconic brand’s new range restores balance to your skin and provides the necessary protection during the day and rejuvenates during night.

payot blue techni liss always anne blog annette de wet


1 Your every ‘nighter’

The Chrono Plumping Serum (R736 for 30ml) in the brand’s iconic shape of a woman’s body, is a fresh and melt-in gel with a slightly pink texture that is instantly absorbed into the skin for an immediate plumping effect! 21 volunteers experienced the following results over a period of 28 days:


blue techni liss concentre serum always anne blog2 The ‘weekend BAE’ to take with you.

With its 100% natural and recyclable fabric mask included, the Blue Techni Liss Weekend Chrono-Renewing Peel Mask (R139 for 25g) with its high concentration of glycolic acid smoothes wrinkles and give your skin texture an instant boost. According to Payot study, users experience 11.5% less wrinkels after the first application.

payot techni blue liss peeling maskAvailable in selected independent beauty institutes and salons, and most Dis-Chem Pharmacies. For more information, visit

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Why Bio-Oil® Dry Skin Gel is always in my handbag

bio oil dry skin gel

“Ain’t no lie baby, bye bye dry skin!”

Bio-Oil® Dry Skin Gel is the new  (and affordable) way to treat dry skin.

Okay, so we already know that Bio-Oil® is the world’s leading scar and stretch mark product, but they just added another title to the beloved brand which I found out at the Bio Oil Dry Skin launch held in Cape Town.

What makes it different?

Normally dry skin products like your typical lotions and body butters are made primarily from water which tends to  evaporates when coming into contact with your skin… you know… that weird and uncomfortable feeling…

Because Bio-Oil® Dry Skin Gel is made from oil, it has that warm and comfy feeling on application.

bio oil dry skin gel annette de wet


The pinkish gel-like texture is non-sticky and provides instant dry relief. You can apply the product all over your body and I personally like to apply it on my legs for that healthy glow when I go out.

But what impressed me most  – I applied my Bio-Oil® Dry Skin Gel religiously after every tanning session over the summer holidays and did not get sunburn once. Of course I also applied a very high SPF beforehand, but I believe that the ingredients of the products after my tanning played a major role in preventing any further damage.

annette de wet bio oil dry skin gel
When your friends ask you the secret to your healthy skin…

Did you know that Bio-Oil sells a bottle every two seconds worldwide?


The product contains 50% of the original Bio-Oil formula and eliminate extra water ingredients. It’s not cold like most other lotions when applying to your body like I’ve mentioned before, because a lot of products contain an overload of water.

The oil-based gel formulation is 100% active and has been clinically proven to target and treat dry skin conditions.

After thought >> > So maybe I was a little upset abut the fact that my husband completely emptied out my 200ml bottle, but hey, it shows you this product is BOMB!

annette de wet bio oil dry skin gel alway anne blog
I have Keratosis Pilaris, but just look at the level of smoothness since I started using the Dry Skin Gel.

Bio-Oil® Dry Skin Gel is available at pharmacies and selected retail outlets nationwide in 50ml (R59.99), 100ml (R109.99) and 200ml (R184.99). I like to carry the 50ml in my handbag for a quick application when needed. It also doubles up as a lip balm – winning!

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