20 things you didn’t know about me

Life is short, tell your story.

Everyone knows that I’m that girl with the bangs chasing my magazine goals with a skinny cappuccino in the one hand and my pink phone in the other, but did you know that I am actually a big chess nerd who hates yoga? BOOM!

Here’s 20 things you didn’t know about me:

If I wasn’t in the magazine industry, I would have been a concert pianist playing classical masterpieces in Austria, Berlin and Paris.

I’m more obsessed with Bach than Bieber. My favourite piano piece to play to date is Bach’s Prelude & Fugue No.2 in C minor.

I was the primary school chess champion in Grade 1 – yes, I even beat the grade sevens and I’m owning that.

I haven’t worn a bikini to the beach since 2009. #workingonthat

People think my kindness is my weakness, but it’s absolutely my biggest strength.


My grandmother’s full names are Anna Elizabeth and that’s where Annette came from meaning ‘graceful.’

I ‘published’ my first story when I was five years old. It was about a sheep and a fly having a fight, but still… I even illustrated the cover and asked my mom to make photocopies at school.


I have never not had a fringe – it’s my identity. Anna Wintour has her straight-cut bob. Annette de Wet’s got the bangs!

The first time I saw my ‘now-husband’ in my life was in the doctor’s waiting room. I saw this guy wearing a blue tie and super polished shoes, looked at my mom who was with me at the time and said: “That’s the guy I’m going to marry!”

I have never smoked a cigarette in my life.

I’m obsessed with Jack Parow and I totally turn into a gangster poppie when listening to him.

I’ve ran two half marathons. And I didn’t die.

In University, I compared every guy I dated to Chuck Bass. I once dated a guy only because he looked and talked like Mister Bass. #donotjudge


I type 80 words per minute and have the certificate to prove it. #NERD

My brows are naturally black, but my hair is light brown. People think I have ombre highlights and tint my brows regularly, but that’s just the way I was born. I’m old school, – when I wake up I already have eyebrows on.

I hate yoga. I don’t do the slay nor namaslay thing. The only downward dog you’ll find me in is on the couch with coffee – milk, two sweeteners.

One of my goals are to start an anti-bullying platform. I was bullied in grade 8 by my so called “BFF” and ended up with no friends. She would leave “You are fat” sticky notes against my cupboards, turned all my friends against me and spread the worst rumours you can image…. It got to a point where I lost all my self confidence and it literally took me 3-4 years before I was my crazy confident self again. I lost out on soooooooooooo much fun in high school, because of one person.


I am not an avocado person.

I haven’t coloured or put any chemical products like a brazilian in my hair for 3 and a half years. #VirginHairDoCare

And finally, I absolutely love my life!

Always, Anne


PHOTOGRAPHY: Rezaine Desai

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Boss babes have off days too

Never be afraid to speak up if you are not okay.

Lately I have been working hard on chasing my goals – just a pity you don’t burn calories while at it….

Oh well, I managed to tick all of them off and I am beyond ready for the next exciting chapter on this roller coaster ride even though I won’t be able to spill all the beans just yet.

Always Anne Strolla Cape Town


For a few months I wanted to give up… give up on the career I have chosen when I was only five years old and just move to a small town with a stress-free job working from 9-5 making someone else rich. Overall I just wanted to give up on life for so many personal reasons (yes, boss babes have off days too!)

Annette de Wet Woolworths

The turning point was when I caught myself sitting on the pavement in Strand Street (Cape Town CBD) two weeks ago with no ambition left, no fight inside me and 100% not in the mood for living.

I remember phoning my mom and telling her I’m done. With fashion. With friends. With life.

I don’t know how she did it, but after an one hour or three of mommy talk she managed (from 1000 km away) to get my bum on the bus and making some important healthy appointments I won’t bore you with. It came as no surprise that I was suffering from some medical issues which resulted in me not having the usual go-getter attitude or energy to run a 10km looking like I woke up like this.

WHAT’S YOUR POINT, ANNE? (you might ask)

No matter what you are going through in life, it only takes the first step to get better. Just make the call, send that email, do that gym class, make a medical appointment, join a support group, opt for the fruit salad instead of the cheesecake – only one step to a happier and healthier you!

Since I’ve made a few changes, life’s been good – gosh, I even dropped 2 kilograms!

Annette de Wet Cape Town Stylist

Whatever you’re going through in life right now, you are not alone and please don’t ever be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Don’t suffer in silence. That’s just not okay.

If you want to talk to someone, drop me an email any hour of the day.

You got this, boo!

Annette de Wet Always Anne

Always, Anne


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How to ignore the bullies

A woman can never be to classy, too caring or too pink… well that’s according to me anyways.

I get judged on my appearance… a lot. Too much.

I love pretty dresses, glitter donuts, (sometimes) think that I am a princess married to my prince and if it’s pink, I’ll take two.

Because I’m marked by so-called society as “cute” and “girly,” people are so easy to judge me. My fellow fashionistas, I’m sure you’ve hard some of these before:

  • You’re such a snob.
  • Looks are so important to you.
  • You’re just in this industry for the glamour and freebies.
  • You think you’re better than us.
  • Just another pretty face.
  • You are so selfish….

And my favourite – she’s so lucky!

(No, I just studied for four years and worked my butt off for five  while paying back my student loan with massive interest. Still paying though. With interest.)


I say screw this, be you no matter who you choose to be. Just be you.

Appearance doesn’t matter. Size doesn’t matter. Your relationship status doesn’t matter and your background doesn’t matter either. All you should really care about are your morals and beliefs.

Don’t settle for second best.

Don’t be that girl who makes comments about other girls’ weight.

Don’t think you’re better than someone, because of your job status, your outfit or your haircut.

Treat the CEO and the homeless man on the street with the same respect.

Life’s short. Don’t hate.

Don’t hate on people who you think are better off, because everybody have 24 hours in a day and it really depends on you what you are going to do with that.

That Fashion Editor – she might be bipolar. That woman who just got a promotion – she might secretly suffer from major depression. That girl with the perfect body – she might just be exercising and eating healthy.

Nothing in life comes easy. It’s 10% luck, 40% hard work and 40% being nice to other people, trust me on this one.

I am sorry for always preaching, but I can’t stand bullying in the workplace and even amongst friends. It’s something that needs more attention, because it seems to me that bullying changed from mocking the ”fat kid” to trying to break down successful (and happy) women living their best lives.

Stop hating and start supporting – it’s worth it!

If you are being bullied or judged for being you, I would love to hear from you! Send me an email at alwaysanneblog@gmail.com and let’s end this.

There’s nothing more beautiful than women supporting women.

Always, Anne.





PHOTOGRAPHY by dannic_photography.

Put on you ‘big girl’ shorts

Hold your horsey!

There’s two things in life I’m really scared of – horses and wearing short shorts! Okay, three if you count the fact that I can’t light a fire match to save my life…

YOLO (you only live once) has been my motto for the whole 0f 2016 and I’ve done some crazy things like running a half marathon, moving to the city, starting my own blog, taking up adult “absolute beginners” ballet just to name a few.

Still, nothing freaks me out more than putting my lady thighs in summer’s worst trend ever for curvy girls – short shorts! I’m also really scared to be around horses, so why not plan a styled shoot overcoming both fears? #WINNING 

I booked a trainer for an hour and at first I stood a few metres away, but he gave me pills to feed the horses with and within in a few minutes I actually started to enjoy the whole new scenario.

I got to meet the cutest little horse (with some mental issues I have to add) named Prince who is the most photogenic horse I’ve ever met and we took some great photos together.

If you notice that I’m just giving a small grin, that’s because I was scared AF.

After the shoot I just wanted to buy a horse but then Instagram Husband reminded met that we don’t have space for a horse in our one-bedroom-apartment… But I did go out and bought some fabulous pair of short shorts for summer.

Because hips and all, I’ll going to have the best summer ever.


Yes, that’s a thing.

Always, Anne



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Laughing like a lady

Always Anne fashion blog

A wise lady once said ‘I’m done with this negativity’ and she lived happily ever after.

Lately there have been a lot of new yet exciting changes happening in my life. But with change comes stress and with stress comes more stress….

While settling into a new job as Fashion & Beauty Editor for one of South Africa’s largest online sites is a dream come true, I have very high expectations to meet.

I’ve also been given more digital strategizing responsibilities which the nerd in me loves to do, but it’s been tough getting in the habit of doing regular in-depth reports and analysing social media statistics.

For a few weeks I have been out of the gym, eating all the wrong foods and skipping my normal make up routine because I have to wake up at 5 to skip the traffic and adjusting in a new work place does not happen overnight.

But then I decided to just completely start giving a damn about any negative thoughts!

Oh my gosh, I have so many things to be thankful for with so many opportunities waiting for me. I get to work in the most beautiful city doing what I’ve always dreamt of doing. I love my job, my editor, trying out a new coffee shop for lunch every single day… so really, what do I have to complain about?

You can’t expect everything on a rose gold platter. With every new chapter there will be ups and downs and it’s up to YOU how you are going to deal with it.

I choose to laugh. A lot – because I see the bigger picture and that really is the ‘bigger picture’.

So, what about my slacking at the gym? I signed up to do my second half marathon next month, because why not?

Always, Anne


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Appreciate more

Fake it till you make it.

“I learned to give. Not because I have much, but because I know what it feels like to have nothing.”

When I was 7 years old my first article got published in a magazine and the rest is history.

You need to have a super thick skin to make it in the media industry. Outsiders think it’s the dream job with an overload of perks, but oh boy, if only they knew what really goes down behind closed doors.

I always say ‘oh but you’re welcome to give it a go’ which usually are received with awkward silences. There’s nothing more disrespectful to get judged on your career choice which was a choice indeed they chose not to pursue.

I remind myself of the girl in Devil Wears Prada with my 4 year media degree who turned a 5 day internship of one of our countries best selling magazines into a full time job. I was scared and intimidated by the senior editorial team who walked about with Louis Vutton clutches without blinking when they plan their next trips to Paris, New York and Milan.

I did not earn a salary. I carried boxes a size 32 person really should not be carrying, spend days cutting and pasting old article archives (manually, with scissors) and based on all the cappuccinos, flat whites and filter coffees I had to make in my lifetime I could have pursued a career as a coffee barista and be extremely successful. Not to mention washing the dishes on the odd occasions and driving around in cities without Google Maps and getting lost in the most dodgiest places weekly. All this went down while eating two-minute-noodles and baked beans for dinner on a regular basis for dinner…

4 Years later and I still carry boxes, get coffee for co-workes and work over weekends, because no matter what your working status is, ego will kill your talent. If you think I’VE ARRIVED or ‘made it’, your due for an epic fail.

Work in silence and your success will make the noise.

I guess what made me stood out from the other interns was my ambition and strong willpower to succeed. I will never forget how I took my coffee mug on my first day on interning and told me mom ‘that this cup is staying and so am I’.

Stop worry about what others might think, because really… who cares? Do your thing, be kind and treat everyone (and I mean everyone!) with the same respect you want to be treated with.

People should judge less and encourage more. I love it when other fashion editors and bloggers are rooting for each other. Imagine how life would be if we start supporting our own friends and local communities and stop comparing ourselves to the next person?

Let’s be the change, we are the millennials after all.

Okay, got to run, I have a bucket list to tick off.

Always, Anne

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