Stylish summer at Sevruga Restaurant

sevruga restaurant cape town

Sevruga Restaurant at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town has relaunched with a fresh new look just in time for the festive season.

I arrived at the official launch event just as the sun set over the azure waters between luxury yachts with a glimpse of Table Mountain in the background that I almost felt like typing #blessedlife in my first social media post – the location is really that perfect!

Sevruga Restaurant at the V&A Waterfront

The mood is perfect for a romantic dinner or brunch with the girls. Green colour schemes and tropical prints are more prominent indoors and converts to more lighter and feminine touches when you step outside to the open air dining area.

My favourite piece of furniture decor was the pineapple chair! A few of the bloggers attending the event, all had a moment when they saw these beauties and I made a vow to myself that I will come back to take the perfect Instagram photo of me on that chair holding my morning cappuccino… shhh! Don’t tell anyone my idea just yet.

Dreamy and romantic interior design

“A fresh approach is the only approach, you won’t find any frozen items on Sevruga’s menu” Mike Townsend, new owner.

Seafood and sushi remain popular choices on the brand new menu and new items to look out for and indulge in include a starter of seared scallops served with cauliflower puree, crème fraiche, anchovy, caper berries and salmon roe; a main meal of pan fried prawns with garlic, chilli, lemon, parsley, smoked paprika aioli and your choice of hand cut chips or rice pilaf. I have a feeling that their poke bowls are also going to be a crowd favourite!

sevruga restaurant poke bowl cape town annette de wet
Sevruga Restaurant Poke Bowl

But let’s not forget about dessert – you can never go wrong with a classic crème brûleè served with boudoir biscuit and fresh berries. Almost too gorgeous to eat, but an absolute feast for your taste buds.

Classic Crème Brûleè
Classic Creme Brulee served at Sevruga

“We have put together a team of the best staff Michael have worked with in the industry, including procurement, in-house design, graphic design, marketing, social media, kitchen operations, chefs, HR, admin, and front of house training in food and beverages. We cannot wait to share this incredible restaurant!” adds Townsend.

Tropical and pineapple prints

Visit Sevruga Restaurant to make your booking online and follow them on Instagram for their latest updates and specials.

Take Me To The Weekend

There’s nothing better than using the #FriYAY hashtag on Instagram!

“I wish life had a rewind weekend button.”

Here’s 5 reasons why I love the weekend.

  1. Getting to see more of my hubby! We both work full time and go to a lot of events and launches in the evenings, so on weekends we love to cuddle up on the couch with comfort food. That’s just our thing. (Don’t judge!) #okayyourejuding
  2. Parkruns! I live for our Saturday morning parkruns. It’s a 5 km run where runners sign up for free globally to do a lekker parkrun in their preferred neighbourhood. I hate it when people say they don’t have time to work out. No one has time, but you call it prioritise.
  3. Skinny cappuccinos. I always look for an excuse to have my daily dose and weekends are perfect to try out new coffee shops. Cape Town is known for their massive coffee culture  for a reason.
  4. Sleeping in- because snooze buttons are so overrated. #gimmeabreak
  5. My fulltime job requires my even fuller time digital attention spam so on Saturdays and Sunday I love to need to give my  online thinking cap a break. Nothing better than exploring the country side with a beautiful hike or sipping on a skinny cappuccino (yeah, I really do need my daily dose) somewhere with a beautiful view. Total bliss!

What do you like to do? Leave a comment below and tell me.

Always, Anne


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